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16.02.2016 06:09

If you have difficulty getting pregnant and are looking for infertility solutions, you will benefit from what you are going to read. Buy Clomid - Online Pharmacy no Prescription

Couples who are struggling with infertility problems often feel that people around them are having babies without any difficulties.  They wonder why they are the unlucky ones.  It doesn't occur to them that many people have actually gone through the same experience of numerous infertilty tests and treatments or even in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure before they finally conceive.

7.3 million women of child-bearing age in the United States have an impaired ability to have babies and have received some sort of infertility services.  Many do not know they have infertility problems until they start trying to conceive. 

The chances of getting pregnant decreases with women's age as women's egg reserves decrease as they get older.  Most people are now getting married at an older age and many delay motherhood until they are ready for it.  This results in an increase in percentage of infertile couples.  However, although these couples have difficulty conceiving, many eventually manage to have a baby or babies after going through some sort of treatments.

 One third of the infertility problems lies with the women, one third with the men and the other one third lies with both.  The most common cause of female infertilty is ovulation problems.  Women needs to menstruate properly in order to become pregnant.  When there is no menstruation, there is no ovulation.  Most ovulation problems are caused by production of imbalanced hormones in the body.  Other female fertility causes may be tubal blockage, uterine problems, genetic abnormalities or certain medical conditions. 

 The reasons for male infertility may be due to low sperm count, decreased sperm motility, abnormally shaped sperm or no sperm.  The quantity and quality of sperm may be influenced by the men's lifestyle habits, genetic abnormalities or certain medication conditions.

 For some couples, the doctor cannot diagnose any problems with the woman or man.  The couple is said to be having unexplained infertility.

 Lifestyle habits such as smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, illegal drugs, weight, exercise and stress have an impact on the fertility of women and men.  Changing your lifestyle and figuring out when you are most fertile may help to fulfil your dream of having a baby.

For years, I'd tried to conceive without success.  I was very anxious to have a child of my own. After a few years of waiting, I started to do some research to find infertility solutions and applied what I'd learnt.  I thought I was infertile and almost resigned to the fate of being childless. Then, the miracle happened.  I was pregnant!  At last I could have a baby after seven years trying desperately to conceive. Finally, I gave birth to a lovely daughter at the age of 41. It was a gift to me.

Through my experience and lots of research, I've gained a lot of knowledge about infertility many of which the doctors never tell you. I wish I had done my research earlier. 

I'd like to share my knowledge and experience about infertility with you by way of a free mini-course which you will find beneficial.  If you take proper action, you too can have a baby of your dream.

If you've been trying to get pregnant for a long period of time, you're probably very worried that you'll never get pregnant.  The good news is there are many things you can do to overcome infertility.



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